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Lot 1

Lot 1 Wave Hill Epic- SOLD $12,000

Placed 4th @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane.


Lot 2

Lot 2 Macaire Einstein (PS)- WITHDRAWN

Placed 5th @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane. 

Dam - Northgate Z9 is a large framed cow who has a beautiful muscle pattern.  Einstein has been used in our stud with great results his first calves are now arriving and look very exciting.


Lot 3

Lot 3 SuJo Ledger (P)- SOLD $5,500

Placed 3rd @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane.  Dam`s first calf.  Sujo Indiana sold at Santa Central to Canowindra Stud for $7,000.


Lot 4

Lot 4 SuJo Legend (PS)- SOLD $7,000

Placed 2nd @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane. 

Dam has had four calves:- first calf (heifer) retained and shown (Sujo Indi (P)); second calf commercial bull; and promising weaner heifer calf that will be shown.


Lot 5

Lot 5 SuJo Lockyer- SOLD $5,500

 Lockyer did not compete @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane.

Dam has had four calves:- first bull calf sold at Santa Central for $4,000; second calf (heifer) retained.


Lot 6

Lot 6 Hardigreen Park Omega (P)- SOLD $36,000

 Placed 3rd @ 8th World Congress, Brisbane. 

Since purchase dam Raytek Y69 has had the following calve:- 14/09/08 - heifer HP D101 classified `S`; 20/08/09 - bull not at weaning; 10/08/10 bull HP F16 Omega classified `S`; 12/10/11 - bull HP G184 full brother to Omega showing promise NYP; 27/03/12 - PTIC


Lot 7

Lot 7 Hardigreen Park Orion- SOLD $7,000

Pinaroo U256 was purchased as a calf at foot at the Pinaroo Reduction Sale having been calved on 12/07/04 and has an outstanding calving record with 100% classification record:- 24/08/06 - heifer HP B847 classified `S`; 27/08/07 - heifer HP C13 classified `S", 09.08.08. Heifer: HP D19-classified S. This heifer has had 2 heifer calves on 2.10.10 & 28.10.11. - 10.09.09. Heifer: HP E29-classified S.  This heifer had her first calf on 18.10.11. - 21.08.10. Bull:  HP Orion-classified. - 13.09.11. Bull: G152. Full brother to Orion:NYP. - 26.03.12. PTIC.


Lot 8

Lot 8 Walmona Santiago (PS)- SOLD $7,000

Santiago received a Highly Commended at Sydney Royal 2012. 

Dam- Walmona Pansy (PS) 922.  Has had 3 calves and is PTIC, 2011 Heifer being prepared for Adelaide Show, 2010 Santiago who was junior champion bull at Adelaide Feature Show 2011, 2009 S Heifer.  We rate Pansy as one of the top breeders in the Stud.


Lot 9

Lot 9 Warenda Fairmont (P) - SOLD $17,000

Dam has had four calves:- two classified; and one yet to present.


Lot 10

Lot 10 Hillside Kidman (P)- SOLD $4,500


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