Gralyn Santa Gertrudis is situated 35 kms south of Gloucester in the Hunter Valley, NSW.

The stud was founded in 1972, and now runs 110 stud females. We aim to increase this number to 150 in the years ahead. Females have been added to the herd in recent times with purchases from the TARA, PINAROO, NORALLA , KELLY WALLAH and HARTWOOD reduction and dispersal sales.

Highlights for the stud include Gralyn Defender selling to Hardigreen Park Stud for $46,000 in 2009, Gralyn Honda selling to Brookside Stud for $20,000 in 1996, Gralyn B806 selling to Diamond H Stud for $18,000 in 2007 and a heifer selling for $6,000 at the Inaugural Santa Central Sale in 2006.

Gralyn has invested heavily in the breed in recent years with sire purchases including:


Waco Mascot

Tara Macca $19,000
Brookside Volume $16,000
Wave Hill Z31 $11,000
Wave Hill Z86 $11,000
Glenn Oaks B76 $10,000
Hardigreen Park Kentucky $20,000
Diamond H Legend

Wave Hill Excellent

 $ 9,000

Gralyn aims to breed both polled and horned cattle with the emphasis on weight gain, fertility, structural soundness and muscle whilst retaining good breed character.