It all began when I moved to Coonabarabran 14 years ago with a part time husband who runs his own business in Sydney, to a very scrubby 4000 acres that grew nothing but sifton bush and spiny burr. Over the first few years nearly 2000 acres was bulldozed and it has been my job to carry the tasks of stick picking, ploughing, sowing, fertilizing etc., to make this property what it is today.

During this time I bought 19 Santa Gertrudis purebred heifers from Mrs Robin Hooper of ‘Boolarong’ and there our first interest in the cattle began. Later other breeds were purchased but the Santa’s showed outstanding constitutions and more suited to this country.

It was suggested that I gave a purebred steer to the local school, which I did. I prepared him myself and turned him over to the school five weeks before the 1997 Dubbo National Steer Show. Out of 82 head he won the Grand Champion steer on the hook and with all the excitement, the following day, I gave birth to a baby boy, Jonathon. Hence 1 grand champion steer and 1 baby boy = SuJo Santa Gertrudis Stud.

Females have purchased from other studs such as Calga West, Murrumbo, Florando, Big Sur, Hardigreen Park, Pine Villa, Noralla and Kelly Wallah. They have all adapted well to this lighter country where our winters are hard and they do it tough.

Sale bulls when weaned are put onto an oats crop to tide them over the winter, after which they have to fend for themselves until they make the journey to Glenn Oaks Fitting Service for sale preparation.

SuJo’s first big success was 2005 when SuJo Eagle by Yarrawonga Latham sold for Yugilbar.

2006 – SuJo First Class (AI)(P) sold $23,000 to Benelkey Stud and SuJo Flash to Yarrabee for $29,000.

2007 – SuJo Geronimo sold $11,000 to Yarrabee and SuJo Grandiose (PS) sold $10,000 to Owen Perrett.

2008 – SuJo Hunter (P) sold $19,000 to Muirhead Past Co and SuJo Hagen sold $20,000 to Hardigreen Park. Averaging $7,864 for 11 S bulls.

2009 – SuJo Indigo(P) sold $19,000 to Moongana and SuJo Inferno (PS) sold to Yarrawonga. Averaging $6,682 for 11 S bulls.

2010 – SuJo Jarrah sold $11,000 to Clark Bros, SuJo Jabiru sold $7,000, SuJo Indiana sold $7,000 to Canowindra. 15 bulls averaged $5867.

2011 – SuJo Kiwi (P) sold $13,000 to Ryan Bros, SuJo Kojak (P) $16,000 to Brigadoon, SuJo Kingston (P) sold $11,000 to Raytek. 9 bulls averaged $7,444.

2012 – Sale average $4,975 with a top of $7,500 to repeat buyer John Nowlan.

2013 – Tough drought conditions sale averaged $3,750 with a top $5,000 to Wyndotte.

Success has followed on as I continue improving the SuJo heard with good temperament, correctness and easy doing cattle to meet the requirements of stud and commercial breeders. It is with pride and confidence that I offer these bulls in the 9th Santa Central Sale.