Santa Central Sale Crowd Santa Central Sale Bull Santa Central Sale Crowd

Sale Report 

Classified bulls topped at $32 000 to average $5606 while herd bulls hit $12 000 and classifed females sold to $6000 at the inaugural Santa Central Sale, Nobby.

The nations largest multi vendor Santa Gertrudis Sale conducted by sale managers Scott and Wendy Ferguson, Glenn Oaks Stud, Nobby and a vendor in the list of high profile studs from two states saw bulls and females sell to three States and the Northern Territory.  The sale result recorded a 75pc clearance with after sale movements pushing that figure markedly higher.

In a massive haul two parties took nearly 40 percent of the bulls on offer.  Graeme and Evan Acton, Acton Land and Cattle Company took 50 head (30pc) to the yarding to average $3540 from Mullungera Station, Julia Creek, while the A.A. Co., Avon Downs Station, NT signed off on 15 at a $3533 average.

Top price bull at $32 000 was Sujo First Class (AI) (P) offered by Sue Hunt, Sujo Stud, Coonabarrabran selling to Andrew and Juliana Orman, Benelkay Stud, Mullaley, NSW.  By Waco Landlord (Freeman), First Class a 23-month-old weighed 895kg with a daily gain of 1.23 kg and an EMA of 125 cm sq with a final EBV of +22.  Sujo averaged $8250 for their 20 'S' bulls invluind the $29 000 Flash (Wave Hill Matlock ) (25 months) selling to the Barlow Family, Yarrabee Stud, Dingo, the $12 500 Fame (P) (Yarrawonga Latham) to Ian and Louise MacCue, Tookey Creek Stud, Bellata, NSW and the $11 500 Falcon (Matlock) to the Sullivan Family, New Lawn Stud, Moree, NSW.

Tookey Creek sold 11 classified bulls to a peak of $13 000 to average $4455.  Their top seller was the 27-month-old Tookey Creek 7004 (PS) going to Kirsty Ferguson and Daryl Wise, Glenore, Nobby.

At $26 000 Wave Hill Z47 (P) a 28-month-old by Wave Hill Umpire (Canowindra Snowdon) spearheaded the 19 classified bulls that averaged $8290 for Phillip Kirkby's, Wave Hill, Narrabri, NSW.  From a Centre Man daughter the bull was purchased by the Roy and Nan Robertson, Fishington Stud, Armidale, NSW.  Wave Hill's result included the $20 000 22-month Z146 (Uncle) to the Hardigreen Park Stud, NSW, the 23 month $13 000 Zephyr (P) (Lizard) and the $12 000 Zodiac (AI) (P) (Tyndale Noddy) to the Acton Land and Cattle Company, the $8000 Z14 (Uncle) tot he Strathmore Stud, Blackall the $11 000 Z31 (AI) by Snowdon and the Umpire son, Z86 both to the Windrum Family, Gralyn Stud, Monkerai, NSW.

The Gralyn Stud took home a $4125 average for the eight 'S' males topping at $12 000 for the top selling purebred a Waco Mascot 26-month-old selling to the Yarrawonga-Waco Studs, Roma.  the two prefixed took the sale openeer the 33 month old poll, Dunlop Freelance (Rosevale Puggles) fro $8 000.  Brookside Stud, Armidale operated by the Anderson Family purchased the $17 000 Cumberland Zambia (Yarrawonga Marshall) (1060kg) from James and Sue Walker, Cumberalnd Stud, Longreach who averaged $5292 for theri 12 classified bulls and $2625 for four females.

Gralyn sold the top female the $6000 Mascot daughter Z111 to Barry Lindemann, Linlands Stud, Hodgson Vale.

Max and Leola Leggett and family, Hillside Stud, McCully's Gap, NSW sold bulls to $12 000 to average $5188 for eight head.  Their top was the $12 000 21-month-old poll, Excel (Waco Odessey) selling to Ken and Evelyn O'Brien and family, Tee Vee Stud, Comet.

The Dunlop Stud operated by Scott and Rebecca Dunlop, Proston has an $11 000 sale with their 20-month-old, Groundhog (P) selling to the Fishington Stud, Armidale, NSW.

Robert Adams, Dangarfield Stud, Taroom invested $15 000 for the Pinaroo prefix bull, 1004 (Pinaroo Quickdraw) a 28-month-old offered by Moreton and Francis Rolfe, Hardigreen Park Stud, Wallabadah, NSW who ended with a $4750 average for 10 classified bulls.

Brent and Lynne Harris, Ibrox Farms Stud, Canungra sold females to $5000 and bulls to $5500.  Acacia (ET) (AI) a 25-month-old daughter of Rosevale X-Hibitionist sold to Michael Doering,Walmona Stud, SA while Cumberland Stud took home the male, Iborx Farms A11 (AI) (ET) by Waco Freeman. 

Sale Summary

128 'S' bulls gross $716 500 average $5597

37 head bulls gross $115 500 average $3122

165 bulls gross $832 000 average  $5042

13 'S' females top $6000 average $3288

 Courtesy of Queensland Country Life